There is something unique and powerful about you as a therapist.


When you uncover, embrace, and then share this Superpower, your ideal clients (the ones you work best with) can find you. Because contrary to what you may believe now, clients pick you NOT based on your training or credentials. There are many factors that would make you the perfect therapist for your ideal clients, but you may not know what those factors are.

You may think your Superpower is that you do good work within your method. 

That's not it.

Your Superpower is about who you are, including your personality, passions and life experience. When you don't lead with your Superpower, you inadvertently hide from your ideal clients.


Working With Me Is Different.


Maybe you’ve tried other practice building programs or books. Working with me is different because I have developed a process, The Superpower Method For Therapists™, that is NOT a one-size-fits-all blueprint or course. This process helps you create a unique therapy business based on your strengths. Learn more about The Superpower Method For Therapists™ here. 

In Annie’s group program, I was able to raise my fees and fill my practice within 4 months. Other people told me it would take several times longer than that.
— Sarah Soul, MFT

I’ve been in private practice since 2001. I built a successful, full therapy practice to the point where I brought in other clinicians to work with me, leveraging my ability to generate plenty of great referrals.

But in the beginning I struggled!

I struggled with how to reach out to my ideal clients, I didn’t charge enough to support my family, and I had no idea what could set me apart from all the other great therapists in my community. I wasn’t even emotionally comfortable making a profit in my business.

I suffered for years and I don’t want you to suffer. I had to go through those years so that I can help therapists NOT make the same mistakes. I developed a unique process that can help you too.

Now it is a huge honor to help therapists in this way.

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